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First cleaning

For the cleaning, protection and care we advise to use products with a neutral pH (7 to 10), because terrazzo is an acid sensitive product. Post-laying cleaning is very important to secure a lasting beauty and to maintain the high value of the material over many years.

After the installation, we advise as soon as possible to remove cement rest and dirty, an inadequate or late first cleaning can alter the surface appearance. After the completely dry of the mortar, it is recommended to clean the surfaces with a specific stone care product. Before proceeding to use stone care products, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. After the first cleaning it is recommended to give a protective treatment with an impregnator sealer, to increase the stain resistance and to make the cleaning easy. Before grouting and to give the impregnator sealer, the surfaces and mortar glue must be completely dry. We advise a waiting time for the completely dry of ca. 4 till 6 weeks. These waiting times are approximatively, and may vary depending on weathering and circumstances of project. Before to seal the surfaces, it is recommended another cleaning with a dry time of ca. 24 hours, to remove all dirt residue. We advise to install only not treated material. The laying of pre-sealed material can give some problems, consequence of a not uniform drying of moisture. The result can be difference of colour on surfaces and deformation with cracking. With a pre-sealed material, the joints remain untreated, and it is therefore necessary a further treatment.

Regular cleaning

For a regular cleaning we advise to use only hot water with a neutral pH detergent, without additives. Avoid acid and alkaline detergents. REGULAR CLEANING Avoid contact with products such as vinegar, wine, lemon juice or sanitary cleaners (pH < 7). There are acid and can damage the surfaces. Also highly alkaline (pH > 10) and solvents or abrasive can damage the surfaces. For the cleaning, protection and maintenance of Terrazzo, we advise the products of Fila or Möller Chemie or similar. Ask directly to your local retailer, for specifically terrazzo’s cleaning, protection and care products.