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Terrazzo is a composite material made from chips of natural stone such as marble or granite bonded together with pigmented cement. The marble or granite is crushed and sorted by granule size, then washed free of dust to ensure perfect adhesion. The different granule sizes have to be carefully arranged to create a balanced “concrete structure”.


Marble composite

You don’t have to use cement to bind together the chips of marble, granite, quartz or other natural stone. An alternative option that creates an easy-maintenance material and is available in a vast colour palette is to use resins.

Terrazzo samenstellen

Design your Terrazzo

Perhaps none of the colours in our standard range really speak to you?
Perhaps you’re in search of a terrazzo floor or custom job that is truly unique?
No problem! Let’s work together to create exactly what you want.

Trappen en maatwerk

Stairs and custom jobs

At Cominotto, we specialise in bespoke staircases. Take a look at some of our installations to get an idea of our expertise in staircases and custom jobs.

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